My story, or stories

The earliest memory that I can vaguely remember was when I was about 3 trying to learn the alphabet. Mom would point to the calendar and I would try to memorize the letters. Thanks to this early learning, I could read since I was 4 and since then this big world has never failed to surprise me with facts and myths. I started many things earlier than my peers, learning English, learning a second foreign language, starting a small business, and so on. I feel the urge to learn, and to earn certain advantages.

Another story that people close to me may know very well, is the story of a young teenage girl believing she can start traveling all over the world with only $700. Later she spent every cent in her saving on trips just to realize that it costs much more than the beginning point. However, what if the girl hadn't been told that traveling can be that cheap, and affordable, when she was only 13 and naive, would she have been trying so hard?

I always believe that the earlier and easier one can access to knowledge, the more privileged he is. Forming a belief when you are young, and curious (and naive about the world) is definitely powerful when you've gone too far in the path. That's why I always want to keep my mind young and foolish to be open to new things and new paths to walk in.

However, I also find myself lucky to be guided to walk into a "right" path while there are so "not right" things threatening to endanger us. Even when I couldn't do anything as a guide, I hope that what I've learned may help. It's such a waste of time and energy to keep things for oneself and let them lose the value by time (yeah, the only point I can remember after 6 courses of finance - the time value of everything XD)

Lovely walks to remember

Beautifully stay in my mind

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